Cherokee in Nashville - Americana Fest 2016

Hot pavement and steamy green forest, it takes a while to navigate a new landscape.     My Cherokee and  Love of Native Mother Nature tribes were protesting the Dakota Pipeline as I was playing music in the town of my Mother language : Music.    My heart beat.    Nashville.  I had to represent and it"s amazing!    While Neil Young was singing the National Anthem News, I was dreaming music,..... full tunes that were difficult to capture, but wave upon wave  nevertheless.     The talent in this town were dancing in front of fire.   Changing season.  From summer to Autumn.     Leaving  my California girl self in the river leading to the Pacific,   I gathered my  courage, CD's and newly strung lyrics, flying into Music City, like so many other musicians seeking their hearts flame or fame.    I was welcomed with open arms.  Carter Vintage Guitars,  Songwriter Showcases, The Mad Valley Lodge House concerts,  And Taylor Swifts support crew all managed to touch my path.      I played amazing guitars,  was invited to Americana Fest Showcases - Elliott Peck , Jason Crosby  with The Blue Rose records, David Luning and Margo Price with Third Man - Jack White .  John Prine with Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires.     All various vibrations of magic.    We speak the same language,  Neil Young,  My generous musical friends and my fabulous guides.   All of us Singing home the planet in Love   all my tribes....

Cravings, Epiphanies and Festivities

Groovy Blog Post-

I have been fortunate to  create music and  private chef in amazing places all over the world and here at home.  

Music and food are perfect for each other.   Fresh, lively, inspired and healthy. 

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loving you all